Corner Shower Screens


Our Sliding-Door Corner Shower Screen Enclosures are a perfect premium option when you have a flexible space.

Available in widths from 1120 to 1820 and in depths from 800mm to 1200mm.

Corner Shower Screen Selection Guide

Our easy to use downloadable selection guide is a great tool to help you choose the perfect corner shower screen for your space.

sliding door hardware

Our premium quality hardware range seamlessly integrates into your own unique interior design thanks to an extensive colour pallet that's carefully matched to the latest trends as well as modern favourites.

perfectly packaged

Each individual piece of glass is fully protected inside our custom-designed recyclable cardboard capsules. Our packaging stands up to Australian conditions, is easy to ship, and all backed with a 100% no-fuss damage free guarantee.

coated with enduroshield™

All Future Glass shower screens are coated with the revolutionary invisible treatment - Enduroshield. This treatment repels water, soap scum and grime, helping to reduce cleaning time by up to 90%!